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Effective property management is crucial for optimizing property performance, ensuring tenant satisfaction, and maximizing returns on investment. The Average Property Manager Salary in the UK is £34,965

Apex Ascend Property Management Training

With the rising trend of renting in the UK, the private sector lettings industry is experiencing high demand. It's estimated that 60% of privately owned homes are managed by property agents, making the industry worth over £6 billion.

In contrast, social housing is overseen by Local Authorities and Housing Associations, offering a career path that is both complex and rewarding.

Apex Ascend, with its expertise in this field, is one of the select few trainings provides of UK property management training.

How Are These Program Delivered?

The Apex Ascend Property Management Training is conducted through a blend of workshops, online sessions, and onsite learning. This comprehensive program encompasses assignments, quizzes, and mock exams to enhance the learning experience. The delivery method involves live workshops delivered online, supported by a dedicated learning platform with access to various resources. Expert tutors provide personalized one-to-one support to guide participants throughout the training until the successful completion of the program.


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COUSE 1 - Residential Property Management (Level 2 & Level 3)

The Level 2 Residential Property Management program is tailored for industry newcomers, typically in their first job, focusing on general administrative tasks. Towards the end of the 3-month training, participants begin to play a more active role. Level 3 is suited for individuals who have completed Level 2, possessing some property industry knowledge and are committed to a career in this field. While experience in property services is advantageous, it's not mandatory, especially if the individual has customer service experience from another sector.

Introduction to property legislation and codes of practice.

Ensuring safety and security in property management.

Handling customer inquiries and providing detailed information.

Effective team collaboration in property services.

Engaging with and supporting vulnerable customers.

Developing professional behaviors for the property industry.

Applying legislation to various aspects of housing and tenancy.

Building customer service skills for diverse needs in property management.

Course 2 - Sales of Residential Property UK

The Level 3, Residential Property Sales is perfect for individuals seeking to enhance their current understanding of essential aspects within the realm of residential sales. This certification is well-suited for those presently employed or aspiring to enter roles such as Sales Negotiator/Estate Agent, Property Valuer, or Sales/Office Administrator. This qualification can fulfill part of the criteria to join various professional bodies and meet the requirements of industry licensing schemes. This qualification is recognised by professional bodies for membership purposes.

Health and Safety, Security and General Law.

Customer Service within the Property Sector

Law Relating to Residential Property Sales

Practice Relating to Residential Property Sales

Property Appraisal and Basic Building Construction and Defects

Course 3 - Property Management Business UK

The Property Agency Management Level 4 is a specialized credential that acknowledges the expertise of individuals responsible for property agency activities. It signifies a progression beyond operational property agency skills, recognizing the adoption of best practices in property agency management. This qualification caters to various property disciplines and holds recognition in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland by both regulators and professional bodies. Its precise focus on effective management practices makes it a valuable asset for professionals seeking excellence in property agency roles. This qualification can fulfill part of the criteria to join various professional bodies and meet the requirements of industry regulatory and licensing schemes.

Compliance and Ethical Practices in Property Agency Management.

Business Management within Property Agency.

Business Systems in Property Agency.

Business Marketing in Property Agency.

Who is this bootcamp for?

  1. Anyone wanting to pursue higher education in the UK.
  2. Any qualifications equivalent to 'A' Levels/BTEC or above (bachelor's or master's degree) would be helpful but not essential.
  3. Individuals who wish to work remotely for UK companies.

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